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Discoverly is one-of-a-kind SaaS software application that is customized per institution and made available on their website. We assist students in discovering programs they are likely to succeed in and help recruiters by providing them with an ongoing flow of highly qualified and profitable leads that are ranked based on the likelihood of converting to a full time student.

Our software is used by post-secondary institutions to assist them in meeting their 5 year strategic objectives in regards to: recruiting exceptional new students and retaining them through their entire course of study.


Strategic Enrollment

Discoverly identifies which student leads have the highest likelihood of enrolling, through our lead ranking functionality. Therefore helping recruiters increase their student conversion rates and market the right program to the right student.

Student Retention

Discoverly achieves better program fit, which is the most common reason of student drop-out. Higher student retention results in better government incentives for your institution.

Post Graduate Employment (Coming Soon)

Identifying career pathways that are associated with each program and being about to predict the future employment rate of those occupations in a particular geographical location.

Profitable Leads

Discoverly helps recruiters by providing them with an ongoing flow of highly qualified and profitable leads that are ranked based on the likelihood of converting to a full time student. When a prospective student visits your page and uses our application, you’ll get their name, age, gender, contact information and you’ll see what programs Discoverly recommended for them. Most importantly you will get to see their satisfaction rate and market the right program to the right student. Now, you can reach out to that student and continue the conversation, showing them why your school is the best fit for them to pursue success while helping recruiters increase their lead conversion rates.


Discoverly is in the process of building a tool throughout the NextAI that is able to identify different career pathways associated with each program recommendation. Then by using open source data to be able to predict employment rate based on a specific geographical location 2-5 years into the future depending on the duration of the program. This will help the high unemployment rates of that is caused by the lack of jobs in their geographical market place.

Full Customization

Discoverly comes fully customized to your institution. We’ll collect data from your successful students and feed it into Discoverly’s machine learning algorithm. When you deploy our software through your website, our software will recommend your programs based on the success of your students. That way, your prospects are getting the most accurate indication of where and how they’re likely to succeed.


Prospective students go through a fast and fun assessment of their strengths and values



Our algorithm recommends their best program options at your institution


Next Steps

With ideal program fit, your staff can support students on their path to success at your institution

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The NextAI

Becoming leaders in Artificial Intelligence

The Discoverly Team will be receiving training from Havard, MIT, NYU and The University of Guelph professors and mentored by Google, Microsoft, and IBM experts while getting access to their technical resources. Discoverly has received international recognition by being accepted into the NextAI, which is a global innovation hub for artificial intelligence related venture creation and technology commercialization.


Where student success starts

Discoverly is a state-of-the-art software application that uses machine learning and pattern recognition to help match new students with programs they are likely to excel in.

The Best Start

Helps generate highly qualified leads

We believe that prevention is better than a cure – helping students find their best fit program improves retention and improves outcomes for students as well as your institution.

Interactive Tool

Points students to the right program choice

Our algorithm uses over 100,000 data points in a dynamic assessment to quickly and efficiently recommend programs to students based on the results of students that have already succeeded.

Full Customization

Full customization for every institution

Our application can be fully customized and branded with your institution’s colours, logo and other preferences.

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